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sehun petting suho's head ♥

luhan in snapbacks


just the concept of thinking groups who make their own music are better is ridiculous. some people’s dream is to make music. some people’s dream is to perform. some people’s is to do both. they’re different but all deserve recognition

Now I’m the age of a woman
I won’t act like a child anymore


our first lady everyone 




and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga

How bout other Races, for example I’m 100 percent Latino. Can the word nigga come out of my mouth?

just dont fucking speak. why the fuck u wanna say it so bad like omg go away you annoyin my life


"I just want Bruce Lee to hold me as long as he can."

I’m dying.

(imgur album)


someone take my computer away.

why is this meme real? why did i succumb to this?

chanbaek not paying attention (and a totally unfair race)

taekai smiling at the end of their PB stage in Shanghai